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Duct Work Cleaning

Another focus we have at The Hearth Dr. is duct working cleaning. This is important to have a well-maintained and healthy living space for you and your family. Air ducts can be a major contributing factor for indoor air pollution. These ducts can be contaminated by dust, pet dander, and airborne pollens or molds. Over time, these contaminants are pulled into the duct work with every use and can build up leading to overabundance of mold, bacteria, fungi, and other unwanted microbes. These sources of buildup can also lead to a significant decrease in the efficiency of heating and cooling in your home. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly can eliminate buildup of dirt and dust contaminants, it can greatly enhance the quality of air inside your home, and can also extend the longevity of your heating and cooling systems. Some serious reasons that you should have your air ducts regularly cleaned and maintained are: children and elderly people are more commonly affected by indoor pollutants than an active adult, the average 6-room household can collect around 40 pounds of dirt or dust annually, the EPA has released statements saying that indoor air can be up to 70% more contaminated than outdoor air, and some household air ducts can contain more germs than a typical chicken coop.

The steps we take to clean your air ducts:

  • Open access doors and ports to allow the system to be inspected and cleaned;
  • Inspect the system for asbestos-containing materials before we begin cleaning;
  • Use efficient vacuum products to protect your home from any possible particles that may become dislodged;
  • Protect all of your home’s furnishings and carpet from contaminants during the cleaning process;
  • Protect the duct work, which includes any necessary resealing and re-insulating any access holes to ensure that your ducts remain airtight.

We also work to adhere by any guidelines and standards posted by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommended for practice of air ducts containing fiberglass lining or if it was constructed of fiberglass duct board.

Chimney Sweep Charlotte NC


There are steps that you can take to prevent dirt from re-entering your air ducts after we perform a thorough cleaning. You can use high-efficiency air filters and change them regularly. During the maintenance of your heating and cooling system, you want to be sure to clean any cooling coils and drain pans. If you are having any construction or renovation work done in or around your home, be sure to seal off the supply and return registers to prevent dirt or dust from entering your home. It is important to remember not to operate these systems until you are completely done cleaning up any residual dirt or dust that may have gotten into your home. You should vacuum your home regularly with a high efficiency vacuum cleaner, or a vacuum cleaner with the highest efficiency filter bags it can utilize. If your heating and cooling system contains any in-duct humidifier equipment, it is important to operate and maintain the humidifier system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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We service locations in and around the Concord, North Carolina area.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Another common source of house fires is inside your clothes dryer vent. These vents can accumulate large amounts of lint that become trapped if not cleaned thoroughly or regularly. The longer this goes unknown, the higher the chances are of the lint combusting. In a study constructed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), it has been reported that there are nearly 3,000 clothes dryer fires every year in residential buildings. These fires cause around $3 million in property damage losses, over 100 injuries, and an average of 5 deaths every year. The dryer vents in your home can also attract unwanted animals such as birds and insects, giving them plenty of opportunity to builds nests. These obstructions can lead to decreased air flow, causing your dryer to take longer amounts of time to dry your clothes. Some other factors to look for when considering cleaning your clothes dryer vent are the level of humidity inside the room where the dryer resides, if there is substantial heat at the end of a drying cycle, if the outside of the dryer feels unusually hot, and an evident smell of something burning. You may find yourself wondering why a professional chimney sweep might be interested in cleaning your clothes dryer vent ducts. The reason behind this is because process used to clean a clothes dryer vent duct is strikingly similar to the process we use to clean our your chimney. Both of these procedures involve using rotary brushes and vacuums. Our professionals at The Hearth Dr. will construct a thorough cleaning of your dryer vent, as well as install one if we find that it is necessary.

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We service locations in and around the Concord, North Carolina area.

Chimney Cleaning Charlotte NC

Dryer Vent Installation

It is important for your home to have a proper installation of your dryer vent ducts. If this process is not performed correctly, it can result in severe and unexpected issues with clothes drying. By properly installing the correct transition hose for your dryer vent, we can ensure that your dryer will not suffer from airflow restrictions. These restrictions can cause excessive drying times, wasted energy and electricity, wear and tear on your clothes, and even clothes dryer fires. We will work to replace damaged or old worn out transition hoses, as well as update vent covers and other code compliant accessories. We want to ensure that your clothes dryer is working safely and efficiently. If a full replacement is not necessary, we will work with previously existing structures to determine what is the best route to take with the most accurate materials to make sure you experience the best drying performance from your clothes dryer.

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Contact The Hearth Dr. at 9805210398.

We service locations in and around the Concord, North Carolina area.

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