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Annual Inspection

It is a good idea to request a chimney sweep do an annual inspection of your fireplace and wood-burning stove because there are many things that can occur during the off season when the fireplace is not being utilized. Every homeowner likes to revel in the knowledge that their family and home is safe from disasters. By having your chimney inspected, our professionals will check for any forms of weather damage, fire damage, creosote buildup, unwanted pests or debris, and basic wear and tear of the interior, as well as exterior, of your chimney. At The Hearth Dr., we also recommend that your get your fireplace or wood stove inspected and cleaned before it is going to be put to regular use, especially if it has been unused for an extended period of time. If you are interested in buying or selling a home, we would also suggest that you have one of our professionals inspect the fireplace or wood stove in question.

Chimney Sweep Charlotte

Fireplace Vs Woodstove

When considering whether to have a fireplace or woodstove installed in your home, both are similar but also have some disadvantages when compared. The masonry and brick-work of a classical fireplace adds pleasing visual aesthetics and ambiance to any room. The wood stove can also be created in beautiful and unique designs, but the lack the view of open flames that a classic fireplace boasts. Where both units are susceptible to creosote and other residual buildup, the wood stove is already equipped with a hinged door that prevents sparks from jumping out of the fire. On the other hand, a classic fireplace can have doors or screens installed to prevent any sparks from escaping the fire, but this can become another cost you may want to avoid. Because both units use wood as a heating source, it is important to consider the efficiency of each. A wood stove is about three times more likely to produce more heat for the interior of your home than a classic fireplace because most of the heat rises up and out of the chimney, making it less efficient for a reliable heat source.

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