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Specializing In Gas Fireplace Installation, Service, and Repair.

At The Hearth Dr., one thing that sets us aside from other chimney sweeps is that we have a focus on gas fireplaces as well. We will work to provide you with a full service of your gas fireplace, that should also be done once a year. Many people believe that gas is clean burning and therefore neglect to have their gas fireplace serviced and cleaned, but this can lead to a chimney fire just like in a wood-burning fireplace. A gas fireplace service includes checking for cracked or scratched glass on the door, as this can become a serious issue over time, any signs of deteriorating logs, and any residue that might be hanging around. We also install gas fireplaces!

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The Hearth Doctor, Inc.

Specializing in chimney sweeping, chimney repair, and wood/gas fireplace installation and service.

Chimney Sweeping

Our professionals at The Hearth Dr. will check to ensure that there are no problems with the condition of your chimney, thoroughly inspect the flue to see any possible signs of cracks or leaks and creosote deposits, as well as any other debris that could be causing an obstruction of proper air flow.

Chimney Repair

Repairs that we make include chimney liner replacements, removal of creosote and other flammable substances, fixing cracks or leaks in the masonry work, any apparent signs of water damage in or around the chimney, and complete chimney repairs while considering the historical preservation of the chimney.

Fireplace Installation & Service

It is a good idea to request a chimney sweep do an annual inspection of your fireplace and wood-burning stove because there are many things that can occur during the off season when the fireplace is not being utilized.


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